Energy transition and sustainable development


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From 14/03/2016 to 25/04/2016

Duration: 6 weeks

32 energy experts

2 hours per week

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Program of the MOOC

  • Objectives

    How will the world meet the energy demands of future generations? If you have been asking yourself this question, then this MOOC is for you. This MOOC explores the new and upcoming energy technologies that may help solve some of the world’s biggest energy challenges.

    This MOOC is designed for:

          Members of the general public with an interest in the energy sector

          Professionals working in the energy sector

          Students at the undergraduate and graduate level, particularly those studying electricity networks, electrical systems, smart grids, or energy-efficient building design and automation.

    This course aims to provide participants with a dual techno-oriented and business-oriented perspective of the issues at play in the development of new energy technologies. It also explores the contributions of key regional and international market players in the transition to more-sustainable energy technologies.

    This MOOC on New Energy Technologies, will allow participants to:

          Learn how to analyse and evaluate the different new technologies and innovations and explore their impact in the energy sector.

          Discover the market organization and the main actors of these 6 topics: energy efficiency, energy from biomass, hydropower, solar energy, hydrogen energy, and smart grids and storage.

          Contribute to social exchange and global awareness of the “energy transition” and each new energy technologies’ impact.

  • Partners

    This MOOC was developed through the joint and collaborative efforts of two leading French “Grandes Ecoles” (Grenoble Ecole de Management and Grenoble INP) and Tenerrdis, the French leading energy cluster which joins together combining 200 energy firms and R&D labs. This MOOC was also made possible through the generous financial support and cooperation of major industry leaders in the global energy market such as Air Liquide, General Electric, Think Smart Grids and CNR.

    This programme is supported by the French Government, as part of the Investissement d’Avenir funding initiative IRT Nano Elec.

    In Partnership with :

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  • WEEK 1

    1. Why are we developing a MOOC on new energy technologies?
    2. What is this MOOC learning model?
    3. What is our focus and who are our experts?
    4. What are the global energy challenges?
    5. How is policy fostering energy efficiency?
    6. What are the key energy efficiency markets and trends?
  • WEEK 2

    1. What are the different ways of converting solar energy ?
    2. What is happenning in the solar PV market?
    3. What are the economics and the competitiveness of solar energy?
    4. What is the market and stage of development of solar energy in France and Europe ?
    5. Who are the main industrial actors and key markets in solar PV?
    6. What are the trends and innovations for the future?
  • WEEK 3

    1. What is hydropower? What are the different kinds of hydropower turbine and dam?
    2. What are the challenges of hydropower development?
    3. Why hydropower is a key asset in new energy markets, storage & flexibility?
    4. What are the facts and figures? Who are the main actors?
    5. What can be the impact and development of ocean and tidal energy?
    6. What are the innovations in hydropower?
  • WEEK 4

    1. What is biomass energy & why biogas?
    2. What is anaerobic digestion (methanisation)?
    3. What are the different usages/applications of biogas?
    4. What is the biogas market in France and Europe?
    5. Who are the main actors on this market?
    6. What are the innovation projects in this field?
  • WEEK 5

    1. What is hydrogen and hydrogen-energy?
    2. What are the challenges about hydrogen development/production from renewables ?
    3. How hydrogen can be an energy storage solution ?
    4. How hydrogen is used for energy applications?
    5. Who are the main actors on the market in France and Europe ?
    6. What are the innovation projects ? Roadmaps and trends ? Milestones ?
  • WEEK 6

    1. What is a smart Grid?
    2. Why smart grids are a key element of the future electrical system?
    3. How to transform the distribution heritage to a smarter distribution grid?
    4. What will be the link between Smart Grids & electricity storage?
    5. Who are the main actors of the Smart Grid in France and Europe?
    6. What are the trends and innovation projects in Smart Grids for the future?

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Select experts :

  • WEEK 1


    1 cateura

    Olivier CATEURA

    Olivier CATEURA,PhD. is Innovation Manager at Tenerrdis Energy Cluster. He is also an Associate Professor in Strategic Management at Grenoble Ecole de Management. He is an expert on the energy sector.



    2 schleich

    Joachim SCHLEICH

    Joachim SCHLEICH, PhD, is professor Energy Economics at Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM), where he leads the Energy Management research team. He is also a senior researcher at Fraunhofer Institute Systems & Innovation Research in Karlsruhe, Germany.



    3 olsthoorn


    Mark OLSTHOORN, is a Researcher in Energy Analysis and Strategic Energy Management. Mark is an experienced energy and sustainability researching consultant.



    Greg MOLECKE

    Greg MOLECKE is a PhD candidate and research scholar in the Strategy Department at the Grenoble école de Management.


  • WEEK 2

    15 malbranche

    Philippe MALBRANCHE

    Dr Philippe MALBRANCHE is General Manager of the Institut National de l’Energie Solaire, CEA-INES.


    16 bes

    Vincent BES

    Vincent BES is Chief Executive Officer of Photowatt


    17 lemaignan

    Benoît LEMAIGNAN

    Benoit LEMAIGNAN, MSc, is investment director for OSER infrastructure investment fund. OSER is focused on regional renewables energies development, investing in various solar, wind, hydro and biomass projects


    18 grover

    David GROVER

    David GROVER is Associate Professor at Grenoble Ecole de Management


    13 arroyo

    Fabrice ARROYO

    Fabrine ARROYO is Program Director of the Advanced Master (MS) in Energy Marketing & Management chez GEM-Grenoble ecole de Management


    19 fallot

    Céline FALLOT

    Céline FALLOT-BUCLET is Responsible for Partnerships and Innovative projects on Solar and Energy Efficiency at Tenerrdis Energy Cluster



  • WEEK 3

    Bernard BRUSA PASQUE

    Bernard BRUSA PASQUE

    Bernard BRUSA PASQUE is project director for the Compagnie Nationale du Rhône (CNR)



    11 mazzouji

    Farid MAZZOUJI

    Farid MAZZOUJI, PhD. is RD director at GE hydro in charge of hydraulic research, technical risk management and the oversea cluster of Global technology centers network. He is also member of different hydro association boards such as IHAR or SHF. He is also involved in animating the hydraulic program of tenerrdis.


    12 teller

    Olivier TELLER

    Olivier TELLER is Product Director at General Electric.


    Aziz OUAABI

    Aziz OUAABI

    Aziz OUAABI is engineering business development manager for the Compagnie Nationale du Rhône (CNR)


    13 arroyo

    Fabrice ARROYO

    Fabrice ARROYO is Program Director of the Advanced Master (MS) in Energy Marketing & Management chez GEM-Grenoble ecole de Management



    Claude REBATTET

    Claude REBATTET, PHD in fluid mechanics, engineer researcher at Grenoble INP and director of the technologic platform CREMHYG for hydraulic turbomachinery.


  • WEEK 4


    Anne-Lorène VERNAY

    Anne-Lorène Vernay was awarded, in 2008, a master in industrial ecology from Leiden University in the Netherlands. She holds a PhD in innovation studies from Delft University of Technology which she defended in 2013. In Septembre 2013 she joinded Grenoble Ecole de Management as a postdoc. Her research focuses on the strategy of energy firm in the face of the ongoing energy transition. She teaches strategic management and management of technology.


    4 lefevre

    Mathieu LEFEBVRE

    Mathieu LEFEBVRE is General Manager WAGA-ENERGY


    5 moletta

    René MOLETTA

    René MOLETTA retired from the National Institute of Agronomical Reaserch (INRA). He is chairman of "Moletta méthanisation" a consultancy company on anaerobic digestion.


    6 cadic

    Lucille CADIC

    Lucille CADIC is Biogas Product Manager for Air Liquide Advanced Technologies


    7 garnaud

    Delphine GARNAUD

    Delphine GARNAUD is Biogas business developer within Air Liquide Advanced Business


    8 borroni

    Valérie BORRONI

    Valérie BORRONI is project manager in Rhônalpénergie-Environnement expert on biomass


    9 milcent

    Ingrid MILCENT

    Ingrid MILCENT is in charge of Innovation & Partnerships and International Relations within Tenerrdis Energy Cluster.


  • WEEK 5



    Yann BULTEL

    Prof. Dr. Yann Bultel, electrochemical engineer, graduated from Grenoble Institute of Technology in 1997. He worked for Grenoble Institute of Technology since 1998 in the Laboratory of Electrochemistry and Physicochemistry of Materials and Interfaces (LEPMI).


    21 barbier

    Françoise BARBIER

    Françoise BARBIER, is R&D Program Director Hydrogen Energy, Air Liquide.



    Thibault FRANCOIS

    Thibaut FRANCOIS is the Product Manager for Hydrogen Charging Station in Air Liquide Advanced Technology. He is also a local expert in High pressure compressors.


    23 claude

    Eric CLAUDE

    Eric CLAUDE, PhD. Is Innovation Director at Axane, new markets and applications for Axane Fuel Cell stacks and systems. Fuel Cell and electrochemistry International Senior Expert at Air Liquide.


    24 priem

    Thierry PRIEM

    Thierry PRIEM, PhD, is Scientific Director at CEA/LITEN (Grenoble, France). He is also vice-chair for the Transport Pillar at the Research Grouping N.ERGHY of the FCH-JU


    9 milcent

    Ingrid MILCENT

    Ingrid MILCENT is in charge of Innovation & Partnerships and International Relations within Tenerrdis Energy Cluster.


  • WEEK 6

    valerie anne LENCZNAR

    Valerie Anne LENCZNAR

    Managing Director of Think smartgrids, the organization gathering the french players in smartgrids. Graduated from the Paris 4 Sorbonne University in communications (CELSA), with an executive MBA from HEC Paris, Valerie Anne had several positions in the energy  sector. She was recently general secretary of the franco-spanish joint venture in charge of the construction of the smart electrical interconnection between France and Spain.

    25 hadjsaid

    Nouredine HADJSAID

    Dr. Nouredine HADJSAID, PhD, is full professor at Grenoble INP where he conducts research at G2ELAB (CNRS, Grenoble INP, UJF). He is also an invited professor at Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (Virginia Tech - USA).


    26 bena

    Michel BENA

    Michel BENA is SmartGrids Director for RTE, the French Transmission System Operator. He’s in charge of the involvment of RTE in technical pilot projects and in the discussions around the evolution of the French Electric System related to SmartGrids. He graduated from SUPELEC (1990).


    27 terenti

    Matthieu TERENTI

    Matthieu TERENTI is Project Coordinator at ERDF


    28 perrin

    Marion PERRIN

    Marion PERRIN is Head of a business unit at the CEA (team of 80 employees), a French government-funded technological research organisation. She is dealing with PV systems (electrical architecture, conversion and safety), electrical storage (sizing, technology selection and management) as well as the integration of renewables, storage and electric vehicles into smarter grids.


    29 javaudin

    Laurent JAVAUDIN

    Laurent JAVAUDIN is a member of the Energy Team, within the Management, Technology & Strategy (MTS) department at Grenoble Ecole de Management. His research interests are focused on energy systems and smart cities. He is also the co-author of the twice-yearly GEM Energy Markets Barometer.


    1 cateura

    Olivier CATEURA

    Olivier CATEURA,PhD. is Innovation Manager at Tenerrdis Energy Cluster. He is also an Associate Professor in Strategic Management at Grenoble Ecole de Management. He is an expert on the energy sector.